Friday, July 6, 2007

9.Batista and Khali in Bash on July 22

Khali made a open challenge at Smackdown,he physically attacked everyone in his sight Jimmy Wang Yang and Eugene,Finally. But no one accepted The Great Khali's challenge.But one man has execpted the challenge that is non-other than The Animal Batista.Who stood face to face with the The Great Khali.

The Animal Batista was ready to fight then and there,but The Great Khali's translator pulled Khali away .

The Animal Batista is a man who acceots the challenge with out fear.Batista has faced Edge several times in many matches but never faced Khail in the ring. Khali who is known for destroying his opponent in the ring.

So who is gonna win this match Mail me at with a subject (Batista and Khali)
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